Thursday, May 8, 2014

Floral & Peplum

Well...this is a super late outfit of the day ! lol 
This outfit was worn for easter the last weekend I got to see my grandmother. 
Almost two weeks ago I lost my grandmother, it was the most hurtful news I have EVER received. 
My grandmother and I had a bond that could never be broken and we STILL do. 
It took me a while to even post anything because I am still hurt and time has been moving so slow for me. 
Its like having a friend over your house all day, you are having so much fun 
with them, laughing, playing, eating up all the food, but now the day is over and they have to leave. You understand WHY they have to 
leave but you are so mad at the fact they have to go home.
 I understand why my grandmother had to leave. I understand why god took her back home, its just I'm a little mad that my grandmother isn't physically here, but I can smile and be happy because I know my grandmother is safe and being well taken care of. I would go into depth on why she passed or even share a picture of her but she HATED social media, she would call Facebook "Fake Book" or "Face Page" lol. 
So I am respecting her wishes by keeping that private. 
Long Story short 
I love you grandma and I still hear you everyday and I will miss you so much. 
The success I strive for in life is for you grandma. I still remember everything you have taught me. 
Outfit Details 
Top : Thehautecocoboutique 
Skirt : iheartposhshoppe 
Shoes : Charolette Russe
Purse : Lightinthebox
Necklace : onecklace 

On a softer note ! 
I have some awesome pieces to share with you ! 
Under my skirt I wore these thigh bands called Bandelettes
They are to keep your thighs from rubbing together and chafing.
These are hardly detectable and their comfortable. I bet you are wondering if they roll down...they don't! which I find pretty awesome ! 

Here is a summary from 
"We are the home of the unique and one-of-a-kind Bandelettes. Gone are the days when wearing a gorgeous skirt or a summer dress seemed impossible. As women, many of us have to deal with painful chafing and irritation of the skin in the inner thighs due to frequent rubbing. The exclusively trademarked and patented Bandelettes are designed to address a common problem that many women encounter on a day-to-day basis"

Each Band is 6" with a none slip silicone

COUPON CODE : PASSION for 15% off !! 

Check out ! They are a thigh saver !! 
Each one is under $20 !! 



  1. Love this !!!!! The skirt is really beautiful !

  2. Welcome back! Once again you look gorgeous! Your outfit gives me life! Anything you wear is just perfection miss jones, your very much a true inspiration and I cannot wait to see more posts

    Keep smiling :)

  3. I just discover right now your blog from a friend!
    I love your skirt, the pattern is so cool!!
    I definitely have to try the bandettes, I needed so much them!




  4. Cuutttee! Love that skirt and I'm going to have to check those bands out!

  5. i just love floral prints, and girl i'm so in love with the skirt you are wearing! you look amazing in this outfit. i so want to have the same skirt :)