Saturday, September 21, 2013

Legit Cosmetics

Legit Cosmetics is a home made lipstick company that specializes in all different 
lip colors from a subtle pink to a bright blue ! I am very impressed with the color payoff and moisture of these lipsticks. The packaging is original with its edgy logo gracing the front. 
However, these lipsticks I will not use while "on the go" because it can be a bit messy with applying straight from the tube. Using a lipstick brush will do the trick ! 

These lippies cost no more than $16 and is worth it if you are looking for that special color ! 


Read my review? Watch these lipsticks in action below ! 



  1. My question would be.. How long can you wear them before they start to fade and you have to reapply?Most lipsticks look the same but the wear is what most people look for to determine whether it is worth purchasing. Thank you.

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